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Electronic Class Board System introduction


Electronic Class Board System introduction


Electronic class board system is an integrated platform developed by Shandong Kaer Electric Co., Ltd, aiming to solve students' attendance, school notification real-time display, communication between parents and students, Class Schedule arrangement and Class selection system etc functions.

This system includes three sub-systems, smart basic management platform, terminal maintenance system and electronic class board(Terminal) management system. The parents and teachers obtain relevant information through their mobile phone APP. The electronic class board realizes students` attendance, notification and message display etc functions.

KAER Electronic Class board supports a high efficiency of information management. The school can use Electronic Class board terminal to announce the real-time notification, announcement, news, schedule instead of the traditional form of publicity that through bulletin board and blackboard. The school can push those messages to students`parents at same time, it guarantees the timely and accuracy of message transfer, and it reduces the maintained cost. With class attendance function, teachers, parents can be the first time to understand the students to the class time and attendance situation. With the curriculum display, teacher information display, parents can learn the schedule in advance and the corresponding details of the teacher.





Smart Basic Management Platform:

This platform is used to manage the organization architecture, personnel information, personnel role information, terminal information, card information etc.


Terminal Maintenance System:

This system is used to process the terminal(Electronic Class Board) remote upgrading, daily maintenance and working status checking.


Terminal Management System:

This system is used to arrange class schedule, set terminal information, built new notification, news, Class honor and look etc. media news.

The administrator could monitor students’ attendance situation.



There are two kinds of APP, one is teacher APP, the other is parents‘ APP.

These two APP is used to select class for students, check students' in/out school status and class in/out situation, predict the students' class schedule and relevant teachers information, ask for leave for students and communicate with students etc functions.