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Home-School linked Solution and products Introduction


Home-School linked Solution and products Introduction


With the education and social development, the next generation education issue take more and more attention from all sectors of society. Communication problems caused by parents, schools, students are particularly important. Because today's society a greater competitive pressures, most parents are busy at work, they have few time to consider for home visits and attend to school meeting. The teachers generally corresponds to many students, the communication between teachers and many parents becomes weak also. Home-School linked solution are worked out to provide more convenient and effective communication platform for parents, teachers and students.

Home-school link solution are developed basing on the telecom operator’s home-school link system platform. Home-school link system are tailor-made interaction business for primary and secondary school students and parents. It combines the students’ attendance, home call, home-school communication and mobile phone wallet functions, to speed up the construction of school security, effective feedback students in the school learning, performance, attendance, consumption and other daily conditions, is the school, parents, students quickly communication, security information exchange bridge.

This solution includes three parts, the telecom operator home-school link system platform, the terminal management platform, and relevant terminals(including students‘ card).




Home-school link platform:

Home-school link system platform are tailor-made interaction business for primary and secondary school students and parents. Main functions, message

Transfer. For example, if student swipe RF card, the platform once get this message, will send one message to parent phone about student in/out school status.

Terminal management platform:

This platform is maintance platform, main functions: terminal mangement, card information mangement, upload monitor data etc functions. Could monitor each terminal work status in each district, creat new reading task, set terminal parameter, download remote command and blacklist; support card management, support to check terminal attendance, calls, could know the terminal status better.

The terminals:

It will includes phone terminal(including 13.56M card reader), 13.56M card reader, 2.4G card reader, Electronic Student card(RFID and SIM card).

The terminals will collect read card information, and transfer relevant information to server or platform through data(2G/3G/4G).

The student:

The student wear 2.4G/13.56M RFID card, swing 13.56M to realize family phone call and attendance function; 2.4G RFID card to realize arrive or leave school gate status checking.

The teacher:

The teacher swipe 13.56M RFID card onto terminal, to realize all parents call freely.



4.1 Attendance management

School in/out record(easy to get student situation by teachers)

School in/out notification (message notification to parents)

4.2 Communication

Between parents and students

Between teachers and parents

Support common students communication need if need

4.3 Extension application function

Support cartoon, shop, etc consumption functions by reading cards;

Support dormitory access in/out management, library access in/out management etc.



5.1 13.56M Reader



5.1.1 Close distance attendance and family call function:

Each student is equipped with 13.56Mhz card, in each time the school gate in the attendance terminal or external read head on the card attendance, attendance terminal will be real-time students into the school through the GSM1X network sent to the Platform, the attendance platform will be processed information, send a point to the message to the parents of the phone.

Students or teachers can also make family call on the attendance terminal, to achieve the students, teachers, schools, parents call communication.

Attendance terminal in addition to independent staff attendance, but also through the RS485 external (up to 4) close reading head for attendance. External read head can be installed inside and outside the school gate, the students out of school when the card can also be installed to the teaching building, external reading head extends to each classroom to facilitate student attendance. If the terminal as a family phone use, generally installed in the teaching corridor or hall.


5.1.2 RF card reader and card functions:

RF card reader adapts PVC plastic, durable wear, outdoor waterproof;

Support ISO14443 standard A card card, credit card up to 60mm.

Reader buzzer sound prompts and LED lights flashing tips;

Two-in-one card built-in 13.56MHz M1 card chip, scalable application of a variety of non-contact IC card applications;

2-in-1 card supports standard SIM / SIM card, with front mounting;

RF card reader outdoor waterproof type support optional battery;

RF card reader and two-in-one card support custom special LOGO and student information printing.


5.2 2.4G Reader


5.2.1 Long distance attendance diagram

On the both sides of the school gate, install two 2.4G readers, one cover the outside of the school, the other cover inside of the gate. The attendance terminal are installed near of the guard room of the gate, 2.4G reader connected to the phone terminal through 485 line, when the students out/into school, the terminal could transfer records to the management platform through terminal 2G/3G/4G data..

In the school gate layout two 2.4G card readers, students arrive school access to the school gate, only to carry 2.4G long distance dual frequency "student card", no need to focus, no need to line up, Terminal, as long as the "student card" normal access to the door to achieve long-range sensitive card, the system through the SMS security system to send students out of school information automatically sent to the parents of the phone, parents can keep the child safe to school )information.

5.2.2 2.4G reader and card functions:

1. 2.4G reader with the card work, the maximum recognition distance up to 110 meters, by adjusting the reader output power, the identification distance can be in the range of 3 to 110 meters free to adjust;

2. 2.4G reader has a unique anti-collision mechanism, allowing the reader to read more than 500 labels at a time.

3. 2.4G card in the effective identification range, if 2.4G card move in 80 km/h speed, the reader can be stable identified;

4. 2.4G card built-in battery, battery life> 3 years;

5. 2.4G card built-in 13.56MHz M1 card chip, scalable application of a variety of non-contact IC card applications;

6. Triple card support standard SIM / SIM card, folding three-in-one card with a positive installation, one-in-one card with side mounting;


7. 2.4G card support custom special LOGO and student information printing.