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Self service card dispenser system


Self service card dispenser system


At present, the decollete operators in the SIM card issuance business are using manual verification. The use of manual verification of the identity of the way, there are some shortcomings: high labor costs; certification for a long time; easy artificial fraud; can only visual comparison information; can not verification of biometric information.

In China, with the widespread use of the second generation ID card, and the development of biometric technology, the identity of the user authentication can be used to identify the identity of residents and biometric multi-certification approach to ensure the reliability, accuracy, consistency of certification.

Our company launched KT8100 series of self-service SIM card dispenser. This terminal combines resident ID card certification, portrait comparison for user authentication, while the completion of automatic SIM card issuance and many other business functions.

And this terminal could support SDK to realize more functions.



◇ Auto verify the authenticity of ID card;

◇ Transfer ID card information to relevant business system;

◇ Could verify the fingerprint information;

◇ Face reorganization verification;

◇ Automatically write SIM card issuance information into the card;

◇ Support wireless communication;

◇ Save labor cost, improve efficacy rate, reduce business dealing time;

◇ Flexible choice for business time and business dealing places.



Self-service SIM card issuance system, includes two parts, self-service terminal(KT8100 serial terminal) and terminal management center.

The KT8100 serial terminal communicates with terminal management center using data through the wired or wireless communication network, also communicates with the existing operator background server business system.

KT8100 series of self-service terminal are used for the user interaction, if the user want to open one new telecom transaction, they input all information that transaction needed into the terminal following their instruction, then verify the user identity, output the user's query information, or complete the services required by the user, such as, issuing one SIM card, printing bills, etc.

The terminal management center monitors all the terminals, monitor the work status of each terminal, In the terminal working state abnormal time in time to maintain the terminal to protect the terminal can be stable and reliable operation.

Besides, this center could realize remote control upgrading.