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Corporate honors and qualifications

About Kaer

Corporate honors and qualifications

Main honors Qualifications


 Innovative enterprise in Shandong

 Excellent enterprise in software and information service in


 Excellent software enterprise in Shandong

 Advanced enterprise in energy saving in Shandong

 Enterprise of integrity in Shandong

 Advanced enterprise in Weihai focusing on

 interdependent innovation of technology in Weihai

 Charity enterprise in Weihai

 Advanced enterprise in construction of spiritual  civilization in  Weihai

 Advanced enterprise in safety production in Weihai

 One of the one hundred companies with sincerity in Weihai

 Big tax-payer in Weihai

 Advanced enterprise in tax payment

 Rising star enterprise in tax payment

 Advanced enterprise of brand establishment in Weihai

 Enterprise with harmonious labor relation in Weihai



 High-tech enterprise of the national Torch  Program

 Key software enterprise in the national  planning layout

 Software enterprise approved in Shandong  Province

 Shandong Software Engineering Technology  Center

 RFID engineering technology center in  Shandong

 Shandong Laboratory on Communication  Intelligent Terminal  Engineering

 Shandong Enterprise Technical Center

 Weihai Laboratory on Digital Network  Monitoring Project

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