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Fixed Wireless Phone ——Disk alarm terminal


Disk alarm terminal

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Model No.: KT2000(76B)


Network: CDMA800 


Basic features 


 1. Can external connected police alarm

 2. Highlight LED and 110 dB alarm tone

 3. Can external connected camera

 4. One key emergency alarm function, press the alarm button 1S can call platform,            alarm function. 

 5. Alarm number can be changed by serial port ,also can be changed by SMS 

 6. Can be extended to 5 shortcut keys.

 7. Adapter AC Input : 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50~60Hz

 8. Adapter DC Output : 12VDC @1000mA 

 9. Battery Capacity : 3.7V/600mAh Li+ Battery 

 10. Ultra Long Battery Talk and Standby Time


 Main functions


  1. One key to alarm police 

  2. Voice call 

  3. Alarm tone 

  4. LED alarm light 

   5. External connected police alarm , etc.




1. Standby time 90hours

2. Talk time 2hours

3. Charge time <8hours

4. Blue 

4. Dimension D 96MM Thick 30mm

5. Weight aboout 120g




User manual, Antenna (optional),Cable