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Fixed Wireless Phone ——VOLTE Fixed Wireless Phone


VOLTE Fixed Wireless Phone

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Model No.: KT4(2A)


Network: Quad-band: TDD-LTE: 2300MHz// FDD: 2100/1800/2600/800MHz// WCDMA:900/2100MHz// GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz 


Basic features 


 1.  External Antenna(internal antenna optional)

 2.  Antenna Conn Type: TNC(If external antenna)

 3.  Large 128*64 Dot-Matrix Graphic LCD

 4.  Soft rubber keys

 5.  4 Speed-Dialing, M1, M2,M3,M4

 6.  Yellow-Green LCD Backlight

 7.  Speaker Phone for Ringing and Hand-Free Mode

 8.  27 Keys with On/Off Key

 9.  Alarm Clock

 10. 4 Speed-Dialing, M1, M2,M3,M4

 11. Two-Way SMS Messaging

 12.  Power input: 100-240V

 13.  Power output: 5V/1A 

 14.  Battery: 2000mAh



 Main functions


  1. VoLTE call

  2. Make&Answe calls, Send &Receive SMS

  3. Contacts/Date&Time display/Poly-phonic ring tone/Network&(U)SIM Card lock 

  4. Emergency call/Call waiting/Call forwarding

  5. WiFi Hotspot



1. 50 pcs Received calls/ 50pcs Dialed calls/ 50pcs Missed calls 

2. 450pcs SMS +SIM card

3. 500pcs Phonebook +SIM card


Other parameters


1. WiFi: support 802.11/b/g/n, support wireless AP function

2. ROM: 8G

3. RAM: 1G

4. White,Black color 

4. Dimension 210mm*182.6mm*159mm

5. Weight aboout 0.825kg




User manual, Antenna (optional), Battery, Power adapter, etc.